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AI Spatial Management Platform

AI Logistics Import Export & Safety Management
(Intelligent, Automated, but Simple)


Integrated management of various IoT such as 3D LiDAR, RFID, BLE, UWB Artificial intelligence that learns and develops on its own All delivered through custom SaaS for

Real-time Map Creation
Digital Twin (Auto Shelf Generation)
PCD Dataset Creation & Optimization
Object Recognition & Detection
Semantic Segmentation
Real-time Database Update
High-Precision Indoor Positioning (LiDAR, Smartphone, BLE, UWB, RFID)
Data Analysis

AI Logistics Management

Experience Pioneering Logistics Digital Transformation

3D shelf Auto-generation
Real-time logistics information update
Real time object recognition & detection
Multi IoT sensor integration
Auto shelf reservation and storage & retrieval
Logistics data analysis

Experience WATA's Intelligent, Automated, but Simple AI Logistics Management Platform.

AI Safety Management

Prime Safety Management Solution for Industrial Employees

3D safety geofence setup
Real time object recognition & detection
Onsite warning and alarm
Multi IoT sensor integration
Event data analysis
Real-time alert system

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